Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Home and commercial solar panel services refer to the installation, maintenance, and repair of solar panel systems that generate electricity from the sun’s energy.

Installation: This service involves installing solar panels on a building, including the design, engineering, and installation of the solar panel system.

Maintenance: This service includes regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance of solar panels to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Repair: This service involves fixing any issues with solar panels, such as damaged or broken panels, or malfunctioning inverters.

Replacement: This service includes replacing solar panels that are beyond repair or outdated, with new, more efficient solar panels.

Energy Auditing: This service includes assessing the energy consumption of the building and recommending ways to reduce energy costs through the use of solar energy.

Solar panel cleaning: This service includes cleaning the solar panels to remove dust, debris, and other materials that can reduce their efficiency.

Monitoring and management: This service includes monitoring the performance of the solar panel system and making adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings.